Here’s what others are saying:

This is the only worthwhile box to drop in at if you are visiting the area. You can tell they have a staple group of athletes- as everyone is friends and the workouts run smooth. Loved Coach Adam, solid metcon, and spent an hour of open gym working on technique. Really nice set-up, great equipment, good coaches.

– Sara L.

Great Drop-in! $25 got me a great workout and a nice t-shirt at Kulshan. I lucked out and went to their noon class which was very small. Everyone was super nice and encouraging. Kulshan is pretty new as they have been around for just about a year so I imagine them to grow pretty soon. Would definitely be back!

– Kathy M.

I have been a faithful client of Kacie and Adam’s since they relocated to Bellingham in May of 2013 (and founded Sweat On Fitness). Having been a soccer player in my youth, I have been trying to fill the organized, team-sport void in my life for years. I’ve regained that team-like support system and then some at Kulshan Crossfit. The gym is growing in membership and in different elements of fitness (regular Kettlebell, Yoga, and Track workouts, plus just about any 5k, 10k, half marathon or stair climb Kacie can convince us to register for!). Kulshan Crossfit is so much more than a gym, it’s a hub for health and fitness education, positivity, and friendship. Also a great place for CrossFit newcomers like I was.

– Emma C.

Let me start by saying that I was freakin scared out of MAH MIND to start any kind of fitness routine, and certainly didn’t feel ready for crossfit. But Kulshan Crossfit is a completely new and life altering experience. All of the trainers are SUPER knowledgable regarding fitness, nutrition, how to prevent injuries and just being generally awesome in life. (Not to mention they are all really hot.)

After one week, my body was already starting to change. Every day is a new challenge and the environment is so positive that I can’t leave without a smile on my face.

For anyone who thinks they are beyond the point where they could start something like this, think again. You actually CAN do it. They are great at tailoring the workouts to meet your needs and attain your goals. And this place will actually change your life and make you a happier person. Guaranteed.

Come here. Please. There is really no excuse not to do this for yourself. You deserve it. I believe in you and so does Kulshan Crossfit!

– Kelly L.

Great trainers with lots of knowledge! Even the most out of shape beginner (me) is welcomed and I was able to learn new moves without feeling silly or dumb.

Definitely a great place to get in shape and lose weight!

– Lauren T.

I had the opportunity to stop by and participate in one of their barbell club classes. I thought they did a great job working with everyone and teaching the lifts. The atmosphere was very friendly and I immediately felt like I was part of the group. Adam did a great job with working with everyone and I was particularly impressed with his stress on preparing for the workouts and focus on flexibility… Great people and great workouts!

– Anthony B.

Kacie is always so available to answer any questions I have and is truly the best coach I have ever had and the best coach just ever!!! She helps me set goals so I will stay committed to working out and help me reach my goals with an inspiring and motivating attitude so I feel great about myself as everyone should!!! Join Kulshan Crossfit to meet goals you never knew you could accomplish with a supportive and fun environment from Kacie and the whole gym!!

– Tessa M.

I met Kacie randomly over the summer while I was jogging on the track at Western Washington University. Not only was she really approachable, but she seemed very energetic and excited to accept me into her workout group, which was what made me come back the next week. And I haven’t left since! In the past ten weeks of training, I’ve not only lost ten pounds but also feel so much more confident in the gym – I feel like I own the place! Family and friends can tell the difference in my physique, energy, and dedication. Overall, I owe this to Kacie. I show up to her gym to work out, but she pushes me so much harder than I would ever go on my own. It’s that coaching and compassion that has really motivated me to change my lifestyle, and now I have even more motivation seeing that my body is toning up and slimming down. Kacie knows all the rules, tricks, and tips about exercise and nutrition, and I would highly recommend Kulshan CrossFit for anyone looking to begin a new lifestyle! Thanks, Kacie!

– Elizabeth C.

I have worked out at a lot of personal training facilities and gyms over the years and this is my favorite. Although I don’t live in Bellingham anymore I stop by for a good workout whenever I pass through town.

– Kevin C.

Kacie is not your average coach. She will only recommend you attempt exercises she herself can do, and once you get a glimpse of her legs you’ll immediately understand that, in the words of Sir Waka Flocka, she “goes hard in the motha******* paint.” Most coaches I’ve encountered don’t know how to truly push me hard. The first day I showed up to Kulshan, Kacie exposed all of my weakness and then told me “Ok! Let’s get to work!” proceeding to blast “Hey Brother” by Avicii while seating me on a rower to do a 1k all out, screaming at me “YOUR BODY CAN TAKE IT! FINISH STRONG!” Since then I’ve been helplessly addicted to the raw energy and intensity of this gym. Not only that, I can see that Kacie and Adam really care about the people they train. More than once I’ve seen someone feel like giving up, maybe even crying, riddled with self doubt… and then Kacie goes up to them and gives them a hug and says a few words to make them believe in their goals again. If you want to look like a professional athlete, Kacie will get you there by training you like one. No doubt, if you are striving to completely transform your body and gain an intuitive understanding interval spacing, neuromuscular control, fast twitch firing, olympic lifting form, and muscular endurance, Kulshan Crossfit is the way to do it.

– Nicholas C.

I first met Kacie at her free Wednesday night workouts. She is a wonderful coach and pushes me to workout in ways I would never do so otherwise. Bumpees, Pushups, Sprints, Stair Climbing, ect. The workout goes by in a blink.

She is a wonderful coach so i figured I would try her crossfit class out. Turns out it is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone.

At first I was nervous to try the other coaches but they are all great. Zach especially is wonderful and has great sense of humor and made me feel very comfortable as a new crossfitter.

The biggest worry i had joining her gym was that i would feel too much pressure to push myself and get hurt, but that was never the case. it is a great place with wonderful people.

Highly recommended

– Julia G.

Kulshan CrossFit is AWESOME.

Before I started, I’d been looking around at various CrossFit places in the Bellingham area, having no idea which one to try out or what I was getting myself into.

Kulshan offers a FREE intro class, which I jumped at right away. Kacie was the trainer for that first class and explained everything to me, making me feel comfortable and excited about exercising. All the trainers at Kulshan are extremely motivating and encouraging. Not once did I feel like I was in over my head. You are able to go at your own pace (though encouraged to push the boundaries!) and everyone there is friendly and has a great attitude.

If you’re looking for a new CrossFit gym, or looking to try it out for the first time, I highly encourage you to check this place out. Great atmosphere, great trainers, great results.

– Shirley S.

I was staying in Bellingham with work and dropped in for a session with the guys at Crossfit Kulshan. They could not have been more welcoming and I felt immediately part of their little community. We all trained together with the coach Zach helping people of all levels to push themselves. I hope I’ll be back soon.

– Matt W.

If ‘Hard Work’ and ‘Inspiration’ met and had a baby — it would be named Kulshan CrossFit. Kulshan is a place where goals (you didn’t know you have) are set (and smashed!) on the daily; a place where every trainer and member you meet is supportive and friendly, but ready to sweat like no tomorrow; a place that encourages healthy lifestyles outside the gym; a place where you learn proper form, balance, and mobility; and most importantly — a place where I have become a healthier, happier, and way more confident version of myself! Much love and respect for Kulshan CrossFit :)

– Cambria P-W