About Us

Kulshan CrossFit has many sides to it, but our favorite philosophy is to train for life! We prepare our bodies and our minds for any and everything, all of the time! From power and strength, to long, lean, sexy muscles, we train our bodies to be able to meet life demands and achieve our goals, whether it’s performing simple daily tasks, completing your first half marathon, or doing 25 consecutive pull ups! We focus on attainable, yet challenging goals to keep us motivated, intrigued, and excited about working out and eating clean! Whether your goals are athletic or aesthetic, CrossFit and it’s methodologies is the conduit to achieving them.

Our class sizes are small so we can focus on each individual’s skill level, personal goals, technique, and most importantly – safety!

Why do we stay fit?

Life is not perfect. Life does not warn us when things are about to get tough, and it does not always let us take the easy way out when we need it most. At Kulshan CrossFit we don’t focus on the bad, we just prepare for it so we can focus on the best parts of our life! We train to feel better, to create & accomplish goals, to be proud of ourselves, and to empower others to do and feel the same!

A Typical Workout

5-10 minutes: Dynamic Warm Up. Increase blood flow, lubricate joints, and to complement movements in the workout
10-15 minutes: Strength & Skills.
10-30 minutes: Workout Of the Day (WOD).
5-10 minutes: Abdomination Series.
5-10 minutes: Stretching & Cool Down.

Most classes take 45-60 minutes to complete, with the workout portion only lasting 10-30 minutes. Because workouts at Kulshan CrossFit vary daily, we recommend training 4-5 days/week to increase overall fitness and be an overall bad ass!

Our Team

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